Important Note to Our Patients

Medicare Rebates Frozen

Current and previous governments have failed to regularly increase the Medicare rebates. This means Medicare rebates have never kept pace with cost of living and have never covered the true cost of delivering quality medical care.

Fee Changes

Whilst Dee Why Family Medical Centre will continue to Bulk Bill where possible, a small fee will be introduced and charged at the discretion of the GP. This change is required so that Dee Why Family Medical Centre can continue to provide you and your family with quality healthcare whilst covering increasing business costs under a Medicare freeze environment.

Dee Why Family Medical Centre has chosen to continue to subsidise your health care by setting a fee schedule lower than the recommended Australian Medical Association rates

  Fee Gap Rebate
Basic $50.00 $12.95 $37.05
Standard (15min) $67.00 $29.95 $37.05
Long (30min) $100.00 $28.30 $71.70
Prolonged $135.00 $29.45 $105.55


Fees will commence from the 1st of January 2017

Bulk Billing will remain for Children 0-16 years, Pension, Health Care Card and Veteran Card holders.