Dee Why Family Medical Centre offers comprehensive care to all patients.

Our Services include (but are not limited to);

    • Women’s Health (including pap smears, family planning and antenatal shared care)
    • Men’s Health
    • Children’s Health (including childhood vaccinations)
    • Health/Medical assessments (including 4 Yr Old, 45yr+, 75yr+)
    • Immunisation and Vaccinations
    • Work cover / Pre Employment Medicals
    • Travel medicine
    • Minor procedures
    • GP Management /Team Care Plans
    • Asthma Action Plans
    • Medications Reviews
    • Mental Health Care
    • RTA / Insurance Medicals
    • Preventative Health Advice and Education
    • Skin Cancer Checks
    • Diabetes Management
    • Quit Smoking Advice

New Patients & Children Under 5 Years of Age

If you are a new patient or if you are attending with a child under the age of 5 we would appreciate it if you would arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early. These patients may require additional paperwork and/or will be first seen by our practice nurse for

Appointment Lengths

The standard consult length is 15 minutes, if you feel you have multiple concerns to discuss, are attending for a pap smear, post natal check (mother or child) or a complicated health issue please book a double appointment (30 minutes).

If you are attending with other members of your family, please book an appointment for each member of the family.


If you have an urgent Medical issue that is NOT life threatening, please proceed directly to the Medical Practice and a Doctor will attend to you as soon as possible. If you have a medical or life threatening emergency, please do not ring for an appointment, dial 000 for an Ambulance or proceed to your nearest Emergency Department.

Closest Emergency Department

The closest emergency departments to Dee Why Family Medical Centre are;

Mona Vale Public Hospital
18 Coronation St,
Mona Vale NSW 2103
T: 02 9998 0333

Manly Public Hospital
150 Darley Road,
Manly NSW 2095
T: 02 9976 9611

After Hours Care

If you require medical care outside of the normal practice hours please contact our after-hours provider, Family Care Medical Service (now part of National Home Doctor Service) on 13 74 25 or (02) 9412 3599.


Dee Why Family Medical Centre is a private practice. The standard consult fee is $75 for a 15 minute appointment. Bulk BIlling is currently available for Pensions and Children aged 0-16. Health Care Card Holders will pay a reduced fee of $50 for a standard consult.

Medical Reports and consultations concerning established Workers Compensation and Third Party claims will be charged in accordance with the AMA Fee List.

Please check with your GP regarding any out-of-pocket expenses incurred for specialist referrals, X-rays, etc.